Forkd - another recipe site?
March 14, 2008 7:40 AM

Forkd - another recipe site?
Yep, another recipe community site with every Web 2.0 buzzword in the book. But if you or someone you know still haven't found a comfortable online home for your recipe file, give us a try. Feature-wise, it covers most of the bases you'd expect, and we're adding improvements all the time. Your recipes don't become the property of Forkd, but we encourage everyone to post their recipes under a CC sharealike-attribution license (the default), to encourage remixing -- any copies or changes become a "fork" in the recipe's ancestry, which eventually grows into an interesting little visual family tree. If you're a Flickr user it's easy to pull in your photos from Flickr (but you can upload directly too), and, if you're a food blogger, you can post to your blog directly from Forkd. Signing up will take all of 2 minutes, it's free, and we're not owned by an evil corporation who want to spam you.
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