Tom Swirly's Psych-o-delic Circus!
February 29, 2008 10:06 AM

Tom Swirly's Psych-o-delic Circus!
I'm doing a show every Monday night in the East Village and I'm not only looking for audiences, I'm looking for performers and cast as well. It's a sort of strange electronic music/performance thing, with musical guests and dancers and lights and magic tricks and such. We've had all sorts of decent guests, the best being Gibby Haynes, and the space is very tolerant of us.

We've been doing it since October -- I have tons more audio and video to upload -- we have a brand-new group of dancers (the dancers before were great but didn't work well as a team and drifted away one at a time).

So do come. It's a nice little scene, conveniently located, a nice PA and comfortable. Or if you do something strange and wonderful, drop me a line here and perhaps you can do it at our show!
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