Zombie comic out in TPB - Free PDF of chapters 1 & 2
February 27, 2008 7:46 AM

Zombie comic out in TPB - Free PDF of chapters 1 & 2
Dead Eyes Open, a series I wrote for SLG and that a Hollywood screenwriter would pitch as "the West Wing meets Dawn of the Dead", came out in trade paperback this week. That's an Amazon link, as it's not in the SLG store yet, but I also encourage you to patronize your friendly local comics shop. I've put both Chapter One (4.7 MB) and Chapter Two (4.6 MB) -- the first third of the book -- online as free PDFs. In retrospect, this was a 12-issue story that I (over)ambitiously tried to cram into 6 issues, because 6 issues was all I had. The Publisher's Weekly description of the pacing as "frenzied" is accurate, if a bit harsh. Blow for blow, though, I still think it's the most ambitious zombie book, in terms of really taking the genre in new directions and trying new things, that's ever been released. Please do check it out.
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