The National Scold
February 20, 2008 8:15 PM

The National Scold
The National Scold is a political journal largely based around yelling at those in politics and the media we feel need a stern lecturing. We do employ a sense of humor, but we try to keep our analysis solid. The most recent two posts are our predictions for today's Wisconsin primary and our reactions to the results. Some interesting pieces: an imagined meeting of the Republican attack machine, complete with irrational Hillary-hate, two blistering scoldings of Ron Paul, both written by the libertarian-inclined, the editor's reaction to the reprinting of the Danish cartoons that outraged the Muslim world and the recently released defense budget. There is also an eulogy of Mitt Romney's campaign that I enjoyed a lot. Look for my scold of Attorney General Mukasey regarding his refusal to investigate or prosecute CIA agents who torture detainees. I got a lot of help researching from the Metafilter FPP on that very subject. Thanks unsane and those who commented in the thread! Our training is in either politics or journalism, not web design, so for now we're on Blogger. We did just get our own domain and ads and we hope to move to a more professional layout in the long term. It's still very much a work in progress, but I'm having fun. Take a look around, make some comments and see what you think; any and all advice is appreciated!
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