Bizarre Grandville Illustrations Archive
February 13, 2008 4:57 PM

Bizarre Grandville Illustrations Archive
JJ Grandville, a French cartoonist in the mid 1800's drew some deeply weird stuff. I've got some old books of his drawings and, noticing the paucity of his presence on the internet, decided to scan a bunch of it and stick it online, free of use to anyone (the man having died more than a hundred and fifty years ago). The resulting archive is here (and actually only about a quarter of what I've physically got, I'm trying to build up energy for a second round of scanning sometime soon). It's part of a miscellany section on my finally finished website. The misc section also has some collections of old folding postcards and my Syrian stamp collection. And hey! I've got comics and illustrations (that I've done) up there too!
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