Eakins Vocal Consort - Philadelphia's New a capella Chamber Choir
January 18, 2008 8:27 AM

Eakins Vocal Consort - Philadelphia's New a capella Chamber Choir
Philadelphia's newest chamber choir, the Eakins Vocal Consort, comprises eighteen young musical, literary and artistic scholars dedicated to the energetic performance of the best early and modern music for mixed a cappella chorus. Hand picked by director Tim Ribchester, the singers combine a high level of choral experience with professional expertise in the arts and humanities. This combination of skills is ideal for the Consort's repertory, from the rhythms and nuances of late Renaissance madrigals to the diversity of styles found in 20th century music. We are especially committed to performing works by emerging composers in Philadelphia. The group is named for the Philadelphian painter Thomas Eakins (1844-1916), a great humanist, visionary and technician. We welcome collaborations with visual artists and the institutions that represent them. Our debut season in spring 2007 included appearances at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia and Andrea Clearfield's Salon series, followed by a full debut recital at the Ethical Society building on April 27th. Our Fall 2007 concerts consisted entirely of works by Philadelphia composers, with the majority composed specifically for the Eakins Vocal Consort. We have an exciting few weeks ahead with performances at the Kimmel Center, and a return to the Salon of Andrea Clearfield.
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