Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas
December 22, 2007 2:00 PM

Sam & Max Nearly Save Christmas
The place I work makes interactive narrative games for PC (and a few other platforms). If you're familiar with the LucasArts/Sierra "adventure games" tradition, then you'll have a good idea of the type of thing I'm talking about. Problem is, a lot of people *aren't* so familiar with it, and unlike "casual" games like Peggle or Bejeweled, it can take a little bit longer to just dive in and figure these games out!

So, in an effort to bridge the gap and introduce new people to the (IMHO) unique & hilarious world of our characters, we've spent the last week or two busting our collective asses *removing* the interactive component from some of our stuff to create this Christmas video!

Seriously though, this was a fun thing to be a part of and I've been absolutely amazed at how quickly & beautifully it came together, so I just wanted to post it here and share the "healing nog of Christmas" with a few more folks. Hope you enjoy!

(FYI, there is a bit of "grown-up" humor in here. Nothing gross or offensive, just some bleeped out swears & a little cartoon violence =)
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