First Snow: A Flickr-Generated Poem
November 28, 2007 9:42 AM

First Snow: A Flickr-Generated Poem
This project is a visualization of a poem I wrote, and searches Flickr for Creative Commons licensed photos that match randomly generated search terms ("snow," "snowfall," etc). It sorts the photos by the date-posted attribute, and retrieves a list of the 200 most recent photos posted. From there, it randomly selects a group, and displays them throughout the poem.

My idea with this project centers more around timing, and recency. The goal is that, as winter progresses, and as snowfall occurs, more and more people will be taking photographs and posting them to Flickr. As we transition into a new season, this poem will hopefully mirror that transition.

More info about the project here. And you can download/view the poem here (it's also released under a CC Attribution, Non-Commercial license. Hope you like it!
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