The Lost Novels of Victorian New Zealand
November 23, 2007 6:36 PM

The Lost Novels of Victorian New Zealand
New Zealand in the 19th century produced dozens of works of fiction, from full-length novels to small pamphlets and newspaper supplements. Popular at the time, these early precursors to the local literary scene were subsequently almost entirely forgotten. Many now exist only in one or two copies, hidden away in research libraries. The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre aims to restore this lost literary heritage to view. The first 35 texts are now available in keyword-searchable, full-text form, with page images, pdfs, and original, startling illustrations included. There is also a scholarly introduction. Thrill to the gothic phantasmagoria of Utu: A Tale of Love, Hate and Revenge! Shudder at the epic political incorrectness of the 'innocent' children's book, The Expedition of Captain Flick! Cheer on Frank Melton as he inadvertently ogles his near relatives! Another 60 or so novels are scheduled for digitization in 2008, along with original critical essays.
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