August 22, 2007 10:42 AM
Multi-Niche Linkpost Blog -- I hope to have updated at least 10-20 times per day. An initial rummaging of ideas to include are a personal pun-related webcomic The Foosers of Men, YouTube embeds, strange news article links, investigative attempts to verify the supposed facts from a bygone-era kid's book of trivia that seem eerily suspect, time-pilfering flash game posts (along with screenshots of my high score to beat), somehow-noteworthy random image posts, Q&A interviews with sysops/webmasters, unusual how-to's, DIY timesaving device (a la Red Green Show, with pictures), a personal site review and award system, tutorial of how to do something online (such as how to download quicktime videos that don't have a glaringly obvious "download this" button), celebrity magazine feature alerts (for those who collect magazine articles of a celeb, they're a popularish and inexpensively collected ebay item to sell), linksurge by topic (such as old beatles videos @ yt), mystery closeup scan of something in print that's widely known, "minor fame achievements" such as how to get a magazine letter-to-editor published, random surname etymologies, two in-house wordgames employing twists on crosswords and wordmining with my scores to beat (printable, no less), investigative explorations of purported home remedies and wacky uses for household items (such as whether rubbing shaving cream on your bathroom mirror will prevent it from steaming up from the shower), links to unusual product/inventions for sale online, random CD reviews of bands I've never heard of or even particularly like, random garage sale finds like ancient calculators and archaic typewriters.. and loads more stuff that I will come up with down the line.
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