The Vertical Blind Re-Design Kit
July 15, 2007 5:53 PM

The Vertical Blind Re-Design Kit
This project of mine has been a journey of a lifetime for me. I only new how to e-mail and turn the computer off and on. Now, I have some how built a website all by myself for my invention that is patent pending. As a mother/grandmother I relate this to raising children, a never ending commitment. My project/invention that I make, sell, ship, etc. entirely on my own, consists of a kit that will transform those plain, dreary vertical blinds that most homes have, especially rental properties, into a beautiful, customized window treatment. There is an array of colors/designs to choose from, anyone can resurface their existing vertical blind and it's fun to do. The kit removes just as easily without damaging the vertical slats, which is great for people who rent their homes. The kit is a fraction of the cost of a custom ordered vertical blind and by re-surfacing your existing vertical blind your eliminating a perfectly usable product (just ugly) from ending up in a landfill. I have a re-surfacing kit on my vertical blind and everyone thinks I bought a custom made blind, that is how comparable this kit is to a custom made blind. When I explain to them that I just re-surfaced my existing blind they couldn't believe how great it looks. That is how this all started, I knew there were so many other people out there that had plain, ugly vertical blinds who were as I call it "financially challenged" like myself, who couldn't afford to buy custom ordered blinds. So why not make a kit that anyone and everyone can use to solve this problem. That is where the name, "The Vertical Blind Re-Design Kit" originated.
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