The Nexus Home Library Catalog
December 18, 2005 10:14 AM

The Nexus Home Library Catalog
This one's for the collectors out there. It's a home library catalog for books, CDs, and DVDs that uses cover art to present your items on a book shelf.

You can do all the things you'd expect, like recording titles, multiple authors, publishers, release dates, etc. It also lets you track books you've borrowed or loaned, as well as upcoming releases and 'wishlist' items.

Turns out it's similar to Delicious Monster, but mine's been written for Windows instead of the Mac, so there's that. It also let's you tag your stuff and perform online ordering, I also do a bit of analysis to present tag clouds and pie charts showing what tags / authors / bookstores have cost you the most money over the years.

I started writing this after talking to a bunch of book and DVD collecting friends and finding out we each had our own home-brewed catalog (usually using Excel or Access). The Nexus is my attempt to create an uber-catalog that suited us all. If you think it's missing something, I'd love to hear it and try to incorporate your ideas.

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