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New feminist guild for Guild Wars 2.

If there are any GW2 players on Metafilter, my girlfriend (MeFi's nonmerci) and I have created a guild whose purpose is to gather like-minded players who are tired of constantly being barraged by homophobic and misogynistic banter in map chat, team chat... pretty much all parts of the game. We haven't advertised it in game because we are afraid of getting trolled but we have made a post on a community forum. Our guild "advertisement" can be found here. If you have any tips on how we are approaching this, how the announcement sounds, etc. that would be greatly appreciated! If you are interested in joining the guild or you know someone who might be interested, our in game names are: "Finola Redmayne" and "Magen Gaderian"
posted by Somnolent Jack on Mar 11, 2013 - 1 comment

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