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He didn't kill a soul that he didn't proceed to revive.

I had set out to write a fun story absolutely filled to the brim with the undead, and in order to make room I had to leave out all of the forced pathos of survivors screaming "maybe we're the monsters!" Last February I posted my serialized online novel, Codex Nekromantia, to Projects. Many long months of tweaking and proofreading later, I'm happy to announce that it has been published! The ebook is available from today, but the paperback edition is delayed by a week due to Hurricane Irene fiddling with the power lines at the printing facility. Which is only fitting, considering that the book documents an (un)natural disaster.
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Codex Nekromantia, a serialized online novel

What do three necromancers, a city full of zombies, a sandwich maker, and a three hundred year old French voyageur who was single-handedly responsible for the extinction of the chupacabra north of the Rio Grande have in common? They're all featured in my serialized online novel, Codex Nekromantia, now in its seventeenth installment because I wanted to make my announcement on a nice, even number.
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