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Infinite Adversaries: a fighting game generated and narrated by ChatGPT

Inspired by the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series, Infinite Adversaries asks ChatGPT to generate perpetual, randomized encounters, pitting you against a never-ending army of imaginary enemies. You're given an option of weapons, and from there ChatGPT imagines an adversary, location, and a set of possible actions (along with their outcomes). As you decide what to do, ChatGPT narrates the results. If you survive, your prize is another adversary. [more inside]
posted by avoision on Mar 30, 2023 - 4 comments

Latent Space Netsuke

I know it's starting to get a little cliché with the AI generated image projects, but I'm pretty pleased with this one: A series of photo-realistic works of imagined "netsuke" sculptures, using DALL-E. I've created over a hundred, which I'm posting online (in addition to the Instagram account, there's a twitter account for those who prefer it), and collected 80 into a print book for people who are into that sort of thing. [more inside]
posted by gwint on Jul 28, 2022 - 2 comments

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