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The day before the storm: Photos of Sept 10, 2001

If the world changed on September 11, 2001, what was life like the day before? Eight people share the photos they took of New York City and Washington DC the day before the infamous terrorist attacks, and answer three questions about their experiences at the time. [more inside]
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Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place

Soon after 9/11 I created this online storytelling project as a way of portraying what that day was like for the millions who lived and witnessed it. But, unlike traditional "where were you when 'X' happened" sites, I wanted to focus on how our vantage point shifted when we experienced it directly or via the media. People are asked to share their story of that day from two vantage points: as "Participants" (those who lived in NYC or DC, those who were on planes, or those who had relatives or friends who were lost, etc.) or as "Witnesses" (those who experienced the events secondhand --through the media or phone calls, etc.). A story from one vantage point is paired with one from the other. Hit the reload button and two new stories come up. And there are some fantastic accounts, including one from someone who survived the Twin Towers. The site has been up for these 10 years and is still open to new stories. What's yours?
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