February 8, 2007 11:40 AM

In response to Mefite interest to an Ask MeFi query of mine, I've created a Yahoo! mailing list called WeightHacker, whose intent is to be a weight loss mailing list that is intended to be a online list for those who want to adopt a strong focus on logistics and practicality in their weight loss efforts, as opposed to an emotional support group. (While the list need not be entirely absent of psychological or emotional revelations, the focus in such discussions would be more on the practical and logistical use of the information gained from such revelations.) The name is a homage to Lifehacker, obviously, as the intent is to adopt the same view towards weight loss as Lifehacker (and LifeClever and 43 Folders) does towards productivity; the "Bootcamp Buddies" philosophy is also an inspiration. Members can sign up either through the group's Yahoo page or by sending an e-mail to weighthacker-subscribe AT yahooFERGALICIOUSgroups dot com. (Remove the song title from that address. And moderator approval to join is enabled, so be patient; the goal is to weed out spambots, as I'm on another Yahoo group which doesn't do that and the spam is horrific.)
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