I say Moo! You say Party!
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I say Moo! You say Party!
moo.party is a pure-Javascript website allowing you to script monologues and dialogues between ASCII-art cows. It was inspired by a combination of Tony Monroe's cowsay program and .party domains going for under three bucks. It is part of my ongoing campaign to increase the amount of silliness on the Internet.
Role: programmer designer
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by veggieboy on June 12, 2017: Bovine brilliance

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I rigged our voicemail at work to email people their messages using cowsay with a random character to read the transcript. There are zero unsatisfied customers so far and one guy who is always thrilled when he gets a Beavis.
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a joke
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This is very good.
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Update: since .party domains have gotten too expensive to renew, I'm letting the domain expire. I've put a copy of the app here on neocities.org. Source code is here.

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[Link in post updated to https://moo-party.neocities.org/ ]
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