Interactive Map of UFO Sighting Reports
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Interactive Map of UFO Sighting Reports
For this project, I took data from the National UFO Reporting Center and created an interactive map that lets you zoom into your area and see the UFO activity that has been reported (and sometime view photos / videos too).

The big circles are not necessarily the areas with the most UFO sightings. Those are just the individual UFOs that were reported by the most people (i.e. are the most corroborated).
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The color scheme is perfect. And some of these reports are gold, on an Erowid-level!
fT.Richardson, ak...between nove 86 feb 87 while on duty across cook inlet on field exersice. .. will not reveal anything else until

This is not a hoax. i do not want to talk to make believe personal or those who work for the government who will try to dislusional any report.

Looking for an investigator for a sighting that happened while i was on duty in Alaska.

If your not serious about what i have to contribute then don't reply..but i have something that might be Iseful .....then again ..i might have nothing.

I hope there is someone out there will take me seriously and want to check out my report who is NOT from the government i don't trust the government..DO YOU?

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Pretty cool project. One detail I had a problem with...I tried to zoom in to tap on a sighting in the town I live in, but the dot kept shrinking as I zoomed in. I could never get it to a point where it was large enough to tap. This was on an iPad Air.
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My favorite witness report so far is Renton WA, July 4, 2012, #36 of 40:
I keep a vigilant watch, I had an out of body experience in 1979 and I was aboard a space craft and greeted and spoken two by two humans, I then returned to my body shortly after. In 2005 in Tacoma, WA. a man walked up to me, I believe he was from the department of Defense, DOD, I have never seen him before, but his message was, why we had not been back to the moon, he told me that there is a glass dome on the planet and we are to stay away. I told him my story about 1979, a story that is very real and a story that I will never forget. He said that I was visited by (Pleiadians), Cool; this explains why I am an Electronic Eng. and at one time was trained in Micro wave Technology for SAM’s.

I grew up on the top of a hill; all I do is monitor the skies. I am curious about the two bright Orange lights flying in tandem one at a higher altitude then the other. I watched them as I always watch air craft my whole life. Orange, I have never seen orange, and then they disappeared in front of me, in clear skies. I do not believe that they turned, they just disappeared. Question is were they drones.? I also witnessed a large meteorite cross the sky in front of me in Utah in 1984. I have also seen a translucent light move across the night sky that was weird. I am interested in the orange lights if anyone can explain them. Thanks
This is a great project - it's real life science fiction poetry, especially when the consistency of the reports is taken into account.

e.g. #5 of 40:
Bright orange and red and disapeared with not a cloud in the sky

My Wife daughter sun in law and two grand Kids and I all saw a series of fireballs on July 4th (NO not fireworks) We were looking at the moon staring to rise when three balls orande and yellow came over the belfair area twords us but to the right We all watched them equally space start to gain altitude and then shrink to nothing One more was sighted about 1050 PM right above my daughters house it pulsed before shrinking to nothing. No hoax no Bull just what we saw I dont drink.

My grand son was afraid and we said nothing to him about what we thought they could be.
#9 of 40:
orange balls of light seen over naval base kitsap

Seen a total of 4 orange ball of lights started out slowly and then the object stopped and shot straight up and disappeared we've never seen anything go so fast and then go into thin air. they also came one at a time 15-20 minutes apart
#21 of 40:
Whatever was in the sky, seemed more like it was floating, at times looking like it was stationary, kinda like an air balloon. It glowed as if on fire, changing colors from bright yellow, to orange to red. It made no sound and had to be traveling quite fast to have the mass of half the moon, to in just a minute or two a small distant star.
#8 of 40:
I can share we had a revelation this year as we experienced this orb up close and our understanding of what we have witnessed was changed. A new "firework" was avaialble for purchase at our local shop called the Chinese Lantern. We set 3 of these off ourselves: one red, one orange, and one pink. Each had a fire actually in flame which raised this 2 ft long x 1 ft long paper lantern directly up. It moved SE as the wind came from the NW. It floated quickly up and the higher it got the faster it moved. It was silent, of course. It glowed "orange" from within. Explaining that beautiful "lit from within" result we've witnessed over the years. It glided steadily as we watched and the suddenly just went out. It I took pictures of it with my 12x zoom level and compared it to the pictures of the orange orbs that moved over head. They looked exactly the same. (I will include them with this report.) All sightings moved SE with the wind direction, and all were at the same altitude ! and speed.

This reports our personal sightings here in Bothell which always occur on the 4th of July. We believe our sightings have been the Chinese Lanterns. However, it is not intended to explain that is what all orb sightings are.

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I got lost in florida reading reports of fireballs in the sky. This is wonderful.

I wish it was more than the continental US: I want to see what the local yokels have been witnessing in the dead of night in Canada.

If I could offer one suggestion, maybe add a layer that can be toggled showing geographic labels? My knowledge of American geography isn't super great, so short of just mousing randomly over sightings I don't necessarily know what state I'm looking at, or what the nearby towns are.
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