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I've self-published a limited edition chapbook of (already magazine-published) speculative poetry and very short fiction. If you happen to be in Tuscaloosa, Alabama this Saturday I'll be selling it at 2010: A Space Oddity; otherwise it's available by mail order/PayPal. Edgewise includes "The Aviary," "Deaths on Other Planets," "Evolution," "Ribbons. Lightning.," "Stolen Lighters," "Thirteen Scifaiku for Blackbirds," "The Undead in Hospital," "Venusian Girls are Better," "Werepenguin" and "Work Requirements."

Full contents with original publication credit: "The Aviary" (Chiaroscuro, January-March 2008), "The Butterfly Factory" (42 Magazine, Summer 2009), "Deaths on Other Planets" (Asimov’s Science Fiction, April/May 2008 and Concelebratory Shoehorn Review, 1 February 2009), "Evolution" (Mise En Poem, 22 March 2009), "Last Will and Testament" (Chiaroscuro, January-March 2007), "Ribbons. Lightning." (On Spec, Spring 2004 and Brain Harvest, 12 September 2009), "Spring in Rutherford County" (Dreams and Nightmares, No. 77), "Stolen Lighters" (PicFic, 17 August 2009), "Thirteen Scifaiku for Blackbirds" (Strange Horizons, 12 October 2009), "The Undead in Hospital" (Alba, January 2007), "Venusian Girls are Better" (Coyote Wild, January 2008), "Werepenguin" (Strange Horizons, 10 March 2008), "Work Requirements" (PicFic, 18 August 2009), and six untitled scifaiku (three from Scifaikuest's February 2010 print, February 2009 online and February 2009 print editions respectively, and three from Things Japanese in Tennessee, Duthie Learning. September 2008).
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