Codex of War: A 4E D&D Campaign setting PDF Ransom from Role Playing Public Radio
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Codex of War: A 4E D&D Campaign setting PDF Ransom from Role Playing Public Radio
Codex of War is the third New World supplement and will cover how to run a war between a colony and a hostile native tribe. Instead of describing only a single type of war, Codex of War will present many options for running such an event in your campaign so you can custom tailor it for your game. If this ransom is met, it will be released as a FREE pdf on Role Playing Public Radio within 30 days of the ransom's completion. If you want to learn more about the ransom process, read my blog post about the first New World ransom here

The colony has survived its first winter in the New World, a testament to the courage and fortitude of its inhabitants, but now a greater threat looms over the fledgling settlement. While nearby native tribes have decided to live peacefully with the colony, a powerful coalition of tribes farther inland is ready to make war. Led by an enigmatic tyrant, these tribes seek the colony as a cancer growing in their homeland. The brave adventurers who protect the colony must stop the coalition before all is lost.

War takes on many forms. Simple and sporadic raids on neighboring tribes, civilized duels and battles that follow complex rules of etiquette and protocol, or all out war between determined foes who fight to the bloody end. No matter what type of war, the colonists have only two options: defeat the tyrant or face utter obliteration. The tyrant will not settle for anything less than total victory.

The Tyrant

A powerful leader who is absolutely dedicated to destroying the colony. But who is this strange figure? The Codex presents several possibilities and advice for customizing an existing NPC for this role.

The Nature of War

What does war look like in a fantasy world populated with monsters and magic wielding beings? While it’s easy to conjure up images of epic armies numbering in the thousands clashing on vast plains, war has many more shapes. The Codex presents a multitude of war types.

Waging War in the New World

How do you run a war in a fantasy campaign? Codex of War gives you several adventure structures usable as a framework for your existing game.

Order of Battle

Who will make up the armies of both sides? The colonists are limited in number but possessed more advanced weapons than the natives. This section covers potential allies, how to win them over and other complicating factors.

Fog of War

The chaos of war creates unique events that few could imagine before they happen. Bitter enemies pausing in their duel to help an innocent child. Battles in the midst of a flooding river. A soldier who has died but hasn’t realized it yet. The Codex lists many potential encounters to be used for your campaign.


The finest treasure is often intangible. Glory, honor, prestige, even love. This section covers many such rewards and how they can mechanically replace magic items, such as a divine boon from the high priest for protecting the faithful against heathen monsters or advanced training from a grateful native warrior for sheltering his family from raiders.
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