Lego Value Spreadsheet (direct link to MS excel file)
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Lego Value Spreadsheet (direct link to MS excel file)
All the more-than-400-piece sets for sale on the Lego website, with each set's price and number of bricks. If you, like me, simply crave a whole LOT of bricks to assemble, this Excel spreadsheet will tell you which sets are the best value for your money. If you want to figure out the value for any sub-400-piece sets, just plug 'em into the spreadsheet. Here's a screenshot. I woulda made this if I had Excel as a child, but hey, never too late to feed one's obsession with legos. (Coupla notes: Any unlabeled but general-purpose sets on the site, I grouped as "Creator". There's also an openoffice version. Watch out for the less-compatible Bionicle sets when you're spending all your LEGO DREAM MONEY, you little lego Rockefeller, you.)
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This is awesome, if only as an illustration of why it's so awesome to be an adult. You can do WHATEVER YOU WANT! You can spend all weekend BUILDING THINGS FROM LEGOS or MAKING COOKIES! And no one will tell you to go to bed at 8pm!

Excuse me, I'm going to go eat gummi worms until I can't eat any more, now.
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Excellent! I definitely agree on the Bionicle issue. Also the Mindstorms sets came out at the bottom, but I think they may have more value, especially if you are interested in hacking your LEGOs. Also, if you haven't seen it yet: Peeron.
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Thanks, douglaswth!
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Very keen, though it looks like Peeron has both elements of this (sort sets by pieces and price), though they might not be as up-to-date as your list, and it's not directly filtered by sets in production currently.

Personally, I'm fond of buying bulk bins online from people whose kids have "out grown" Legos. More of a game of chance, but a lower cost over-all.
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What you really need in your spreadsheet is a value calculation based on the total volume of the pieces in each set.

I therefore demand that you buy all available sets and submerge them in a giant graduated cylinder.

You can dry them with a tea towel and return them afterwards, of course.
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This is probably a dumb question, but why not use google spreadsheets? Easier to share online that way.
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I didn't know google had spreadsheets!
posted by Greg Nog at 8:53 AM on August 31, 2009

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