A simple Git-based personal project repository
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A simple Git-based personal project repository
nest is a Git front-end designed to organize a collection of unrelated (mostly textual) projects. It maintains a central project collection and creates working copies of individual projects as needed, possibly on other computers via a network connection. Projects and working copies are all Git repositories and so can be cloned, pushed and merged between computers. nest will also (optionally) create a local backup/cache of the whole collection on any computer you use it from, so if your server catches fire, you can restore your work from the cache on your laptop.

nest requires that you have Git (and a working knowledge of how to use it), Perl 5.8.x, ssh and ssh-agent and a reasonably Unixish environment.
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I do something like this with a folder full of git repositories and a Makefile containing
GITREPO = $(shell find . -type d -name .git -exec dirname {} \;)

all:    $(GITREPO)
        cd $@ && git fetch --verbose
I need bi-directional ssh for this: log on to the remote server, run "make", and git connects back to my daily machine. Your tool doesn't seem to need this, which is a strength.
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