Navy Tour
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Navy Tour
The Veterans Administration asks for some of my old black and white photographs to decorate California Veterans homes. This project called Navy Tour causes me to consider old negatives from a new perspective, as those in charge of Veterans homes want photographs on their walls to make old soldiers “feel comfortable,” the Veterans’ public relation’s director says. With that obscure thought in mind, I sort old negatives with a fresh eye. I scan and clean up in Photoshop even negatives too scratched, stained, or poorly exposed to have ever been printed conventionally. This produces some startling discoveries. I don’t even remember meeting Janis Joplin, for example.

For Forty years I publish, exhibit, and post these photographs as a portfolio on the Sixties. After all, images from the Summer of Love, the Nixon Inauguration, and the Vietnam War, always seem iconic to the era. In fact, a few years back I post such a portfolio here calling it “Captured Spirits. ” Anyway, I’ve put possible Navy Tour photos up on Smugmug for your consideration. If you see anything old soldiers might want to live with, let me know.
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