Sponster, an idea for a sponsorship application
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Sponster, an idea for a sponsorship application
Forget about the sorry-assed name and logo, the idea is to create an ap that makes it oh-so easy to sponsor your favorite artist. And also makes it easy for the artist to manage their sponsors. I've actually got some sponsors, and I can see a day when it's going to be a problem keeping track. So, does seeing the screenshots make the concept more appealing? Share your thoughts, please. And be sure to visit the original (and still only) listener-sponsored recording studio, Steam Powered.
posted by Liv Pooleside (1 comment total)

You're touching on the future of art -- crowdsourced patronage.

A similar idea is artists directly selling their work for low prices, possible because distribution costs are negligible anymore.

Maybe you could allow for more than just music. An author could link their book to Lulu.com, an artist to Etsy.com (both could provide advance, digital copies for free).

Sponsors get them through the production stages, and then the sponsors help publicize too?

Any allowance for return on investment... so the patrons aren't merely donating, but investing in possible profits?
posted by Galen at 12:05 AM on June 13, 2009

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