Can I Marry Gay?
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Can I Marry Gay?
Gay marriage laws are getting complicated, so I created this site to help me keep track of it all. It simply looks up your location based on your IP address, and explains your local state laws related to gay marriage. Currently limited to the US.
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This project was posted to MetaFilter by ocherdraco on May 20, 2009: Can I Marry Gay?

Aww, I had to click on Vermont just so I could see the happy cartoon couples. The sad ones were bumming me out.
posted by Juliet Banana at 9:51 AM on May 19, 2009

Thanks Greg Nog. I've updated NH. I knew that was moving forward, but didn't realize it was happening so quickly. Hopefully I can keep on top of changes better going forward.
posted by scottreynen at 12:48 PM on May 19, 2009 is a nice element, and a good way to round out the site, too. Cheers!
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I think that this Project will feature as a link in many a future AskMe question.
posted by Effigy2000 at 3:38 PM on May 22, 2009

Your IP lookup thinks I'm in California, but I am in Nevada. Other IP lookup sites don't make this error, so something funny is going on there.
posted by falconred at 6:58 AM on May 24, 2009

falconred, you can correct the IP lookup at, the open database I'm using.
posted by scottreynen at 11:40 AM on May 24, 2009

Says "Maybe" for me, which is wrong... but I'm in Canada. Nice, though!
posted by arcticwoman at 6:13 AM on May 25, 2009

Good idea, good implementation. Thanks!
posted by kalapierson at 1:59 AM on May 26, 2009

I'd like to see "Should I marry gay?"
posted by scottatdrake at 9:21 AM on June 2, 2009

I'd like to see people use something like this to find the closest place they can get gay-married near to where you are, and then go get married there, regardless of whether they're gay or not. Like, say, give me a map where I can see that if I live in California, I can drive to ______ to get married and support their economy and choice to allow gay marriage, instead of supporting California.
posted by booknerd at 12:08 PM on July 9, 2009

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