Alpha test of a new php framework
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Alpha test of a new php framework
CRATES is my attempt to build a kind of framework that I haven't been able to find elsewhere. It's designed to let you quickly process and share content and remix both the results and the scripts that go into it. At the moment, it mostly just processes groups of images, but it's built to be extended.

Here's a basic explanation of how it works. If you're interested in the nuts and bolds click here for a detailed explanation. I'd like to know of any bugs, but also any suggestions, questions, or ideas you might have regarding the larger application of this system. My personal site has an example of a Flash visualization of the structure that CRATES produces, which is a major overhaul of the subject of my ill-fated previous projects post incorporating much advice from Mefites. (Comments welcome about that, but I don't want to derail from CRATES).

username and password for The Cratr: crates / alpha
directories you can play with: jan , links, download
no uploads of original content at the moment, alas

Let me know if any of the documentation isn't clear enough. I might be a couple days in updating it, but I'm listening. Also, read the disclaimer before snarking.
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