Whole Child School (site for proposed alternative public school in Toronto)
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Whole Child School (site for proposed alternative public school in Toronto)
I'm on a committee that is proposing a new alternative public school in the Toronto District School Board, that would follow a holistic arts-based experiential-learning curriculum. (And after three years it looks like it's actually going to happen next fall!)

I've majorly revamped the web site this week, moving from a small simple brochureware site to a wordpress site that will hopefully be continuously updated with new content (e.g. as the curriculum team turns out more and more material). I'd welcome response to the project, the new web site, and ideas on connecting with our community online (we currently have a newsletter-type email mailing list that's been around since the beginning, a brand-new facebook page, and a brand-new twitter account).

For a quick introduction, see the seven principles, and the post about this weekend's get-together.
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Very, very cool. We thought about moving to Vancouver, BC and were fascinated with the variety and quality of their schools. Canada seems to have figured out education. You might want to check out the IB (International Baccalaureate) program. It appears to be academically rigorous and well respected.

Take care, teej
posted by teej at 7:06 PM on December 1, 2008

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