Dear American Voter Project
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Dear American Voter Project
I've been working on a project for satellite/web TV channel Link TV called "Dear American Voter". The idea is to get people all over the world to send American voters a video message with their thoughts about the upcoming election, and participate in discussions around the videos and issues. The project ties in well with Link's core mission to "broadcast programs that engage, educate, and activate viewers to become involved in the world". So get your webcams ready!

We're looking for people around the globe to submit personal video letters and participate in discussions on our website, to share what issues are important to them, and to express (in their opinion) what Americans should keep in mind when voting. Of course we also want American opinions too, from all across the political spectrum. Much of the world is taking a pro-Obama stance, but McCain, Barr and Nader (and others?) are also interesting candidates with a lot to offer, and we'd love to hear from folks who have positive opinions of those candidates too.

I also appreciate any thoughts you may have on the site/idea in general, in particular how we can market the project and drive more submissions! Thanks in advance.
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It's an interesting idea. My only concern is that I heard or read somewhere a while ago (I think it may even have been Metafilter) that there was some law that said outside interference in a US election is illegal. If that's true, I think a 'discussion', as is the aim of the site, probably doesn't contravene that but if people from outside the US start asking voters to change their vote to Obama/McCain, I think that starts to fall into murky waters.

Either way, I think this is a novel idea and the layout of your site is excellent. Best of luck to you!
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During the 2004 election, there was a well-publicized initiative to get Britons to write letters to voters in Ohio, the chief battleground in the presidential race. The response was not positive.
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