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spamguy Books
I'm a quirky sort of reader: I don't just read books, I hyperanalyse them until they're no longer works of art, they're numbers and statistics. I've kept data on paper for many years: how long a book is, the time needed to get through it, how many pages I read on a given day, typos I found, etc. Obviously paper calculations never did me any good because of the lack of dynamic calculation. This app digitises that information with various cool features and rankings added. This is my first professional attempt at PHP and a way of saying 'I'm sorry' to myself for a shoddy final database project I did in college. The application (not the paper system, which was my idea) was inspired in part by More books to be added as I get the time.
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You might be interested in Graphs, Maps, Trees by Franco Moretti. He looks at the contents of books and analyzes them statistically. This is different from your goal, but maybe something to expand into.
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