P/Virt Shared World Wiki
December 17, 2007 11:06 AM

P/Virt Shared World Wiki
In a recent MetaTalk thread, the assembled MeFites decided, among other things, to take on a "shared world" fiction project, in which a bunch of people would contribute short stories set in a single, near-future, science-fiction world. The actual cat herding and possibly editing duties are being handled by robocop is bleeding, but I'm handling the world-building preliminaries. The upshot? The P/Virt Wiki is up and ready for editing. I've seeded it with my ideas for a world where certain people have the ability to enter Philosophical/Virtual Reality, a place where they can change their surroundings with their mind. For the next two weeks or so, interested people are invited to help flesh out the basics of the world. Once that's done, a bunch of MeFites will be writing stories set in this world. From there, who knows?
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