The Body Morphology Project
October 4, 2007 2:36 PM

The Body Morphology Project
The Body Morphology Project uses the freely available image hosting powers of Wikimedia Commons to attempt to provide a library of standardized images of different human body types for any use. I've been working on recruiting folks to this project for about six months, and having a lot of trouble converting verbal volunteers to productive volunteers. Since some kerfuffle is being made on various body blogs lately about how the BMI scale is broken I'd love to have more folks know about this project and possibly drum up more contributors. To contribute you can (as a photographer or photographer/model): A) upload correctly licensed photos to the Wikimedia Commons and use the provided templates and edit the index page B) let me know they're uploaded and I'll do the rest C) contact me to arrange sending the photos to me (assuming you license them properly to me). My vision is that if we get enough people participating, non-profit and possibly profit organizations will use this set of data for all kinds of educational purposes. Hopefully some of these purposes will not be evil (hey, I'm a pessimist, all right?). -- Links: Project page - Photo Index Page
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